Mission Statement

Welcome to the War on Lucifer. This website acts as the digital platform for Skyler Miller’s upcoming War on Lucifer program. On this site you will find extremely valuable information relating to the truth of the Bible and the satanic corruption of human society by a Luciferian cult which has been in operation for thousands of years. This is not a conspiracy website, rather it is a reasoned analysis of human history that emphasizes the truth of the Bible and the role of God in the salvation of humanity.

War on Lucifer is more than just a simple organization, it is a ministry in the purest sense of the word. With that being said, you will never be asked to give money to this ministry, nor will you be expected to conform to a specific doctrine. This ministry is founded on the truth of the Bible as it is written, without the unneeded trappings of strange pagan rituals or reference to false idols.

You have been provided with many so called ‘heroes’ and ‘authorities’ by the Luciferian cults which have sought total domination of the human race. The War on Lucifer will not be won by bowing to these false heroes and authorities, but instead by recognizing the true light of God in the world. He has given you the power of truth and it is time to let that power be your salvation. It also must be stated that this war is to be fought on an individual level. Jesus Christ has already provided you with the ultimate victory, it is up to you to accept that victory in the face of a society which would condemn you for your sanctification and uncompromising allegiance to the truth.

One final note which must be made. Though the term ‘war’ is representative of violence to some, this ministry practices a strict non-violence approach to resisting the Satanic New World Order. There will be no advocating of violence or killing, it is the goal of this ministry to help individuals rise above the degradation of popular culture and embrace the finest attributes of humanity: love, kindness, caring, and an unwavering commitment to the truth.


On this website you will find the Truth Files. The Truth Files are a regularly updated database of critical information relating to a wide variety of topics. If you would like to contribute to the Truth Files, please click on the contact link in the menu bar.


Evil is Bipartisan: Among Lucifer’s favorite tools of control is the divide and conquer strategy. Luficer wants humanity to squabble over relatively minor differences in order to distract from the true evils perpetrated in secret. In order to supplement this divide and conquer strategy, Lucifer has created political parties which are designed to offer false hope in collective action. Nowhere has this strategy been more effectively implemented than in the United States where the Republicans and Democrats have traded power back and forth without ever taking any action that would upset the established system. Lucifer is bipartisan, he operates in every major political party.

Lucifer Provides False Heroes: The Bible warns of false prophets provided by Lucifer in order to advance his agenda. These false prophets will identify themselves as heroes of the people, but they will in time expose their true nature. Be very careful of false heroes: those who claim to be outsiders but are clearly working within the established Satanic system.

The Truth is Ridiculed in a Satanic Society: As in the days of Noah, the truth will be mocked by the established culture. This mockery is designed to keep individuals contained in intellectual boxes so that they never even consider alternative opinions. A perfect example of this is the cult of Darwin. Darwinian macro-evolution is wholly unscientific and has been soundly refuted, however the majority of individuals will accept the theory simply because they will be ridiculed if they do not conform to the lie.

Lucifer Mixes Truth with Falsehood in Order to Confuse: A favorite tactic of the Luciferian cult is the provision of truth mixed with untruth in order to confuse and cause disorientation. False prophets may also provide shreds of the truth in order to gain public confidence before filling their followers with lies.

Christianity is Incompatible with the Modern State: God has made it explicitly clear that human beings should live in peace with one another. The state has normalized the violation of God’s commandments. Murder, theft, dishonesty, idolatry, and covetousness are promoted by the state. This ministry stands in direct opposition to the advancement of state power. There is only one ultimate authority, the authority of God, and all state leaders stand in defiance of that authority.

The Bible is Literally True: The truth of the Bible as it is written is absolute. Lucifer has attempted to undermine the truth of the word of God in order to advance his anti-human agenda. Churches across the world have begun to accept secular interpretations of the Bible based on nothing more than popular opinion. A return to a literal interpretation of the Bible is required to re-establish the social strength of Christianity.

The Bible is Compatible with Science: It is a common misconception that religion and science are diametrically opposed. If the Bible is true then it should conform to science and the laws of nature. On all accounts the Bible is compatible with objective science. This ministry advocates a reasoned faith.

Lucifer has Created Organizations to Promote his Anti-Human Agenda: The Freemasons, the Bavarian Illuminati, the Knights of Malta, the Roman Catholic Church, Islam, Sabbatean Judaism, and the Church of Satan are all examples of organizations that have promoted a Luciferian agenda either in public or in secret. Just because you belong to one of these organizations does not mean that you are a Luciferian. This is especially true of the Freemasons, an organization which uses charity at the lower levels to disguise its true agenda at the higher degrees.

Lucifer is a Master of the Big Lie: The Big Lie is a concept made popular by Luciferian occultist Adolf Hitler. There are few things that Luciferian governments haven’t lied about, and it is important to never take anything the government says on face value.

The Truth Conquers Evil: God is truth. Evil must bow to truth, that is why Luciferian organizations are compelled to make public displays of their works. The Bible tells us that in time all evil works will be brought to the light. When you have truth on your side, you cannot be conquered.