Truth File: Donald ‘Trump’ Drumpf


WOL Truth File: Donald ‘Trump’ Drumpf

This Truth File acts an information data bank on Donald ‘Trump’ Drumpf. It will be updated regularly as more information comes available. Information provided by a third party contributor will be designated as a ‘third party contribution’. The information within this report is considered to be reliable at the time of its publishing. With that being said, all information should be cross referenced with your own research. If you would like to contribute to this Truth File or if you have an error to report, please contact War on Lucifer through the ‘contact’ page on the website’s main menu.

Basic profile

Name: Donald John Drumpf (AKA Donald Trump)

Date of birth: June 14, 1946

Noteworthy positions: President of the United States of America, Real estate developer at the Trump Organization, Television producer for the Apprentice

Known affiliations (both former and present): United States Republican Party, United States Democratic Party, the Trump Organization, Miss USA, Miss Universe, Miss Teen USA, Fordham University, University of Pennsylvania, Reformed Church in America, New York Military Academy, New Jersey Generals, Trump Model Management, Trump University, the  Donald J. Trump Foundation, Resorts International

Third party affiliations (Most of these connections come from the Trump presidential cabinet as well as Trump’s dealings with Resorts International): Council on Foreign Relations, Goldman Sachs, the Bilderberg Group, Rothschild Family, the Israeli State, Breitbart News, Info Wars, Mossad, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Rockefeller Family, Tammany Society

Potential third party affiliations: Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

Likely affiliations (based on Trump’s business dealings, political activities, and social network): The Freemasons, the Illuminati, the Roman Catholic Church, the Mormon Church, Knights of Malta, Knights Templar

The Trump Family Name

The Trump family name is Drumpf. It was changed to Trump at an unconfirmed point in history, though some argue that this change occurred in the 17th century. Considering Trump’s occult family history it is likely that the name Trump was chosen as a representation of the ‘Trump card’, an important component of modern occultism. The original surname of the Trump family is an important point of reference because it forms the basis of the Drumpf family’s directed breeding program. Occult families will often join together in order to maintain the ‘purity’ of their ‘royal’ blood, or develop a new and more powerful bloodline. Such a designer bloodline is what was achieved when Donald’s father, Fred Trump, chose Mary Anne Clan MacLeod to be his wife. The MacLeod family, as well as the Drumpf family, have interesting ties to Scottish pagan societies. The MacLeod family crest bares the sun emblem of Apollo, an ancient symbol that is often employed by Luciferian cults in the propagation of sun worship.

Interestingly enough, Donald Trump also obtained a Scottish crest with deep pagan roots in order to promote his highlands golf course. The crest, which features a red lion rampart, has long been employed by Scottish royalty as a representation of the bloodline. Specifically, the bloodline of Olaf the Black.

trump crest

Two other highly significant occult symbols are featured on the Trump crest. The first is the chevron, an ancient symbol which has been linked to the tongue of the serpent (the word of Lucifer). The second is the double-headed eagle which has long been employed by Luciferian cults as a representation of order out of chaos. The double-headed eagle also represents duality, an all-important Gnostic concept at the center of modern masonic occultism. In fact, the double-headed eagle is explicitly utilized by the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, further establishing the occult bloodline connection between the Drumpf (Trump) family and other Luciferian bloodlines.

The marriage of the MacLeod and Drumpf line is likely the result of a ritualistic process which is designed to increase the power of the bloodline. The MacLeod clan claims a royal lineage to the early kings of Scotland. It is from this bloodline that the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry also claims its origin. Tracing the origins of the Drumpf and MacLeod clans, it becomes clear that the marriage of Fred Trump and Mary MacLeod was arranged with the sole purpose of producing the empowered offspring of the bloodline, and the reincarnation of the Scottish kings of old: Donald Trump.

Master of Distraction

Throughout his campaign and presidency, Donald Trump has proven that he is a master of distraction and entertainment politics. Why shouldn’t he be? After all, he spent a significant chunk of his adult life in the reality television environment. One of Trump’s most effective distraction stories has been the false outrage created over rapper Snoop Dogg shooting a Trump effigy in a video. Of course we all know that this event has worked for the benefit of Trump by making him look like a victim of the ‘liberal establishment’. Trump has used this event to position himself as the ‘outsider’ president working for ‘the people’. Isn’t a funny coincidence that Snoop Dogg participated in the Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump in 2011? Perhaps this was predictive programming for Snoop’s public roasting of President Trump in 2017.


trump snoop.jpg

(Note: in the above picture the similarity of the handshake is not clear due to the difference in the angle of the pictures and the lack of comparative photos. The drawing of the Masonic handshake also leaves much to be desired. The meme is somewhat tongue in cheek, but the point still stands. Both of these men have been steeped in Masonic symbolism and tradition. We can make a reasoned assumption based on Trump’s family connection to the Scottish Rite and the fact that both of these men have risen to extreme heights of popularity and financial success with little talent or skill. Trump is an infamously poor money manager and Snoop Dogg was once ridiculed by his peers for his lack of musical talent. Of course many of those critical of Snoop have ended up dead or prison. Eazy-E for example. It is also important to mention that Snoop’s family members have also gained success with little talent. Professional wrestler Sasha Banks for example. Banks works in the overtly Masonic WWE owned by Satanist Vince McMahon, a company that also hosted Donald Trump as an ongoing character.)

More information coming soon on Trump’s extensive Luciferian connections

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